Pre n Post Natal Care

The most important factor in preventing complications during pregnancy and after the baby arrives is receiving quality prenatal and postnatal care.

Prenatal care should begin as early in the pregnancy as possible to protect the health of the baby and the mother.

Prenatal care helps keep the mother and her baby healthy throughout the pregnancy. Before and during pregnancy, a woman should eat nutritious foods, live a healthy lifestyle, and have regular health care checkups. As soon as a woman learns that she is pregnant, prenatal care begins in earnest to monitor her health and the baby’s progress.

Postnatal care, also called postpartum care, helps new mothers adjust to the physical, social, and psychological changes that result from giving birth.


Vaginal care is an important part of postnatal care. Women may have vaginal soreness, especially if tearing occurred during delivery.

Another vital aspect of postpartum care is getting enough rest. Women need to recoup their strength after giving birth while expending energy to care for their newborn. To avoid tiredness, women can try to sleep when the baby sleeps, keep the baby’s crib near their bed for easy night feedings, and let someone else bottle-feed the baby while they sleep.